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    Bank of Beirut is a Lebanon-based joint stock universal company that offers commercial banking and financial services through a network of 60 branches across Lebanon. Its services are structured into four business segments: Business and Corporations, Personal, Private and International, operating through the overseas subsidiaries of the company’s. Bank of Beirut operates in nine countries, through subsidiaries, branches and representative offices. The bank established a presence in London in 1981 as a branch of the former Beirut Riyad Bank. Bank of Beirut subsequently acquired a majority shareholding in Beirut Riyad Bank, which resulted in the merger of the two institutions in Lebanon and the transfer of all the London Branch assets and liabilities to Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd.

    The bank also acquired 92.5 per cent of the Laiki Bank (Australia) Ltd. shares, subsequently renamed Beirut Hellenic Bank Ltd., with over $1.2 billion in assets. Bank of Sydney boasts at present 16 branches in Australia.

Executive Management

Salim G. Sfeir
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Salim G. Sfeir has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Beirut since 1993. His banking career stretching over 40 years, Sfeir has been a member of the Association of Banks in Lebanon since 2006. After attending Institut des Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes in Beirut, he moved to Montreal then Detroit for a Bachelor of Science in Economics (1969) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (1971) respectively. In 1972, and over a span of nearly 10 years, Salim Sfeir was a lecturer in Economics, Finance and Marketing in several universities in Beirut. In 2009, the founder of Bank of Beirut was elected Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Lebanese American University, and in 2010, Vice-Chairman of AMIDEAST (American Friends of the Middle East). He began his banking career in 1971 with Bank of Nova Scotia, Beirut. He was Deputy General Manager of Banque de la Mediterranée (1980-1983). In 1983, he founded Wedge Bank (M.E.) and was General Manager and Board Member until 1989. In 1987, he was appointed General Manager and Chief Executive Officer at Wedge Bank (Switzerland) and remained in that position until 1991. Throughout his tenure with Wedge Bank, he was a Member of the Board of Directors and was appointed Vice Chairman in January 1992. Sfeir has been building the bridge between Lebanon the resident and Lebanon the expatriate; he is now Chairman of International Century Corporation (Lebanon), of the International Century Corporation S.A. (Luxembourg), Bank of Beirut (UK) Ltd., BoB Finance S.A.L., Bank of Beirut Invest Company S.A.L., Bank of Sydney Ltd. and Beirut Life S.A.L. In a record time, Sfeir was able to lead Bank of Beirut, the 35th (by assets) banking institution in the Lebanese Banking Sector, to the 6th position in Lebanon.