Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Islamic Business & Finance Awards 2013

The Islamic Business & Finance Awards are the most important annual event for the global Islamic financial community.

Bringing together more than 300 senior Islamic financiers to celebrate and award the most innovative and successful Islamic institutions. 

The Islamic Business & Finance Awards were established in 2005. The aim of the process is to recognise the best performing institutions in a variety of regions where Islamic finance is either already developed or is rapidly expanding. The event is truly global and attracts nominations and submissions from Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia. 

A panel of judges have nominated institutions across 40 categories  based on their industry expertise. At this point all registered users of CPI Financial products are invited to cast a vote and select our winners.

In a financial sector with so much potential to grow within domestic markets but also internationally it is important to give the Islamic finance sector a platform where this burgeoning industry can come together and celebrate the success it is witnessing.

For the most credible results we need your opinion. So vote now and select your winning institutions.

  • Best ETF Fund
  • Best Real Estate Fund
  • Best Commodities Fund
  • Best Equities Fund
  • Best Sukuk Fund
  • Best CSR Initiative Takaful (Asia)
  • Best Commercial Bank (Africa)
  • Best Savings Product (Asia)
  • Best Banking CSR Initiative (Asia)
  • Best Corporate Account (Asia)
  • Best Commercial Bank (Asia)
  • Best Corporate Bank (Middle East)
  • Best Domestic Commercial Bank (Middle East)
  • Best Regional Commercial Bank (Middle East)
  • Best Regional Retail Bank (Middle East)
  • Best Islamic Institution (Europe)
  • Best Fund Manager
  • Best Credit Card (Asia)
  • Best CSR Initiative Takaful (Middle East)
  • Best Banking CSR Initiative (Middle East)
  • Best Corporate Account (Middle East)
  • Best Savings Product (Middle East)
  • Best Finance House
  • Best Credit Card (Middle East)
  • Best Premium Banking
  • Best Islamic Window
  • Best SME Finance Company
  • Best Bank
  • Best Investment Bank (Middle East)
  • Best Takaful Operator (Middle East)
  • Best Domestic Retail Bank (Middle East)
  • Best Asset Manager (Middle East)
  • Best Corporate Bank (Asia)
  • Best Retail Bank (Asia)
  • Best Investment Bank (Asia)
  • Best Takaful Operator (Asia)
  • Best Asset Manager (Asia)
  • Best Takaful Operator (Africa)
  • Best Corporate Bank (Africa)
  • Best Retail Bank (Africa)
  • Best Wealth Manager
  • Best Training Institution
  • Best Sukuk Arranger
  • Best Branding
  • Best Technology Provider
  • Best Advisory Firm
  • Best Retakaful Operator