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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Banker Africa - North Africa Awards 2015

Seeking excellence in North Africa

The annual Banker Africa Awards are continent-wide programmes open to all banks and financial institutions in Africa. The aim of the Awards is to recognise outstanding performance and excellence in the financial services industry.

As always the winners will be selected by the registered readers of CPI Financial products and services – in other words, your peers in the financial services industry. Voting for the Banker Africa North Africa Banking Awards will commence on our website www.cpifinancial.net on 13 August 2015 and will run to 12 September 2015.

Each shortlisted entry will be automatically linked to the institution’s own homepage online. In addition you may wish to read supporting material for the specific Award where provided by the shortlisted institutions before casting your votes. Once voting closes, the results will be tallied and revealed in the subsequent edition of Banker Africa.


The core philosophy of CPI Financial, the publisher of Banker Africa, is transparency, ensuring accurate reporting of economics and financial matters, the factors determining the future of the banking and finance community and the business deals driving the industry forward. Our Awards programmes are designed to reward and promote excellence and competition in the drive to set new standards in the industry in quality of service, best practice and financial performance.

The financial institutions that win one or more of the Banker Africa Awards in 2015 and in future years will be those offering best-in-class services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their customers. They will, truly, be winners.

To learn more about the Banker Africa Awards programme, please contact: events@cpifinancial.net.

  • Best Core Banking System
  • Best Corporate Governance Bank
  • Most Socially Responsible Bank
  • Best Customer Service Bank
  • Best International Corporate Bank - Egypt
  • Best Retail Bank - Egypt
  • Best Islamic Commercial Bank
  • Best Online Platform
  • Best Regional Bank
  • Best Commercial Bank - Egypt
  • Best Domestic Corporate Bank - Egypt
  • Best Microfinance Bank
  • Best Foreign International Bank
  • Most Innovative Bank
  • Best Islamic Retail Bank
  • Best Islamic Corporate Bank
  • Best Commercial Bank
  • Best Retail Bank
  • Best Corporate Bank
  • Best Investment Bank
  • Best Development Bank
  • Best SME Bank
  • Best Islamic Investment Fund