Expert in International Policy & Engagement

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Madison Pearl
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Consultancy, Industry & Commerce, Public Sector
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Job Description

Key Responsibilities

  • The Expert will provide international policy knowledge and policy advocacy strategies to the government, various member representatives, finance ministry and the Central Bank. Focus will be to coordinate the international engagement with various member countries to gather, analyse and prioritize all the key policy areas from an international perspective.
  • The Expert will advise the Director of Policy and other relevant senior staff members on the most relevant priority areas in order to make strategic decisions specifically for selecting and prioritizing policy-fields. The role will include consideration of all priority policy areas including for example, economic policy, international/foreign policy, green finance policy, digital economies, and investment policy.
  • Core to the role will be the ongoing development of strong relationships with international organizations that will form an important part of this role from a technical support perspective. E.g. IMF, World Bank, United Nations, Islamic Development Bank etc.
  • The role will also include the advisory support in the construction of meeting agendas and discussion themes, relative to the international policy aspirations of Saudi Arabia; this is to ensure that the policy message remains consistent throughout. The Expert will ultimately ensure the timely intelligence and high-quality knowledge provision on international policy positions and advocacy strategies.

Key Accountabilities

  • Identify all relevant individuals and organizations in the field of international policy and engage positively and effectively with all the relevant organizations.
  • Gather all key and relevant international policy data, intelligence and information. Perform analysis of high importance information and provide recommendations on key policy focus areas for the country and international agendas.
  • Provide key input and extensive knowledge to policy position papers when senior level and/or strategic level decisions are required. Enabling a moderate consensus building, intelligence on country policy positions and other strategic direction to support the policy development, communique writing and Leaders’ Declaration drafting / negotiations.
  • Plan, develop, and implement information sharing of international policy strategies with relevant partners.
  • Utilize subject matter expertise to advise and prepare for meeting schedules, agendas and advocacy strategies whilst engaging with international organizations, agencies and government officials.
  • Provide direct support to groups and individuals who are critical to the policy-development process, including Chairs / Co-chairs of Working Groups, Ministerial policy teams, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, and other Global Partnerships.

Key Requirements

  • Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience preferred; gained from working internationally within a government or affiliated organization in a developed or a developing economy, including policy management experience and a concentration in at least one of the following areas: economic policy, international policy, socio-economic policy or financial policy.
  • Experience in policy development and advocacy, at the national and international level on issues related to economic, financial, social and international policy.
  • Thorough knowledge of using data, statistics, meetings, communication and information in shaping, coordinating and developing policy messages, communique drafts, and reports.
  • Working experience in negotiations and coordination with senior ministerial and executive branch policy-makers and staff, specifically for consensus rapport building, intelligence gathering on policy positions and analytics.
  • Ability to communicate complex information clearly in writing and in oral presentations to a wide range of audiences, including senior ministerial levels, government officials, the public, media and press teams.
  • Experience with working across several government agencies and interagency partners to inform and support policy decisions, including the drafting of legislative language – an excellent command in English spoken & written is a must.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills – mostly for setting up international policy teams and analysts.
  • Master’s degree in Economics, International Development, Public Policy, Public Administration, or an advanced degree in an equivalent field.

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