Associate Director, Financial Market - Sales

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Standard Chartered Bank
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Employment Type:
Full time
Commodities, Credit, FX & Money Markets
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Sales, Sales, n/a
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Job Description

*Develop a thorough appreciation of each allocated customer's business, and understanding of their potential needs for Financial Markets products, through regular liaison with SCB's principal RM for each customer, as well as through direct contract with the customer.

*Establish and maintain a constructive relationship with the decision maker(s) for Financial Markets products for each allocated customer, through regular calling, visits, entertainments, etc., with the objective that the customer always calls SCB when in need of products we are able to supply.

*Respond speedily and positively to all requests from customers for a specific transaction, or for more general advice, or introduction to a more appropriate contact within SCB, whether or not the request is from the specially allocated group of customers.

*Liaise with product traders to analyze the acceptance ratio for quotations provided to each customer, alongside feedback from the customer concerning competing quotations accepted in preference to SCB's, in order that the traders may factor this information in their pricing decisions.

*Liaise with Operations concerning customer feedback received on service delivery quality, in order to seekimprovements in service delivery where viewed as necessary from the customer's perspective.

*Liaise with RM's and SCB product specialists in other regions in which particular customers are active, in order to exchange information on the customer, to introduce the customer to other SCB products, and to contribute generally to the relevant regional or global customer database.

*Monitor the utilization of each customer's trading limits with SCB, obtain specific approval for any excess likely to arise as a result of a particular transaction, and alert the principal ARM if it appears that a higher limit would lead to additional profitable business in Treasury products.

*Money Laundering prevention- Comply with all applicable money laundering prevention procedures and, in particular, report any suspicious activity to the Business Money Laundering Prevention Officer and line manager.