Sunday 30, March 2014    |   Getting down to business

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  • 18    The value of an outside opinion

    A trusted third party's evaluation can lower the costs of funding your business, give you better access to finance and make your company more attractive…

  • 20    Celebrating scholars

    Behind every Islamic finance transaction is a great mind; Emirates Review pays tribute to the guardians of the Islamic finance industry.

  • 26    Safe as houses?

    Camille Chamoun of Law House explains all about the new mortgage law Dubai introduced late last year.

Latest stories

  • The first of many great years

    Emirates Review celebrates Value House’s first anniversary.Value House was officially launched in May 2014, and the response has been overwhelming. Finance House Credit…

  • The UAE's booming non-oil sector

    While lower oil prices have cast a shadow over some GCC countries, the UAE remains a bright spot for investors thanks to its diversified economy.Investor sentiment is running high in the UAE, which…

  • Marka makes its mark

    The UAE’s first publicly-traded retail operator is championing localbrands in the region and beyond.

    It seems fitting that the UAE’s only company to focus exclusively on enhancing…

  • A virtual currency in a physical world

    Emirates Review asks if Bitcoin, that has as many critics as admirers, is really worth the paper it’s printed on.

    Created in 2008 by an anonymous person or group of people…

  • Building an empire

    Architectural Consulting Group shares its inspiring story of innovation and growth.

    Over the past 40 years, Architectural Consulting Group (ACG) has thrived and evolved into…

  • Natixis metals review for 2014H1

    2013 was another difficult year for commodities, with total return indices trading in a narrow range to end the year down between 1.2 per cent (S&P-GSCI) and 9.5 per cent DJ-UBS.“While DJ-UBS…

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