Wednesday 10, September 2014    |   The governance, risk & compliance journal

Cultivating compliance

  • 12    A new life for GCC markets?

    Liberalisation, re-classification and opening up

  • 20    Investor relations

    Ryan Lemand explains the new investor relation function introduced by the securities and commodities authority

  • 35    BNP Paribas

    BNP Paribas: What really happened?

Latest stories

  • Money launderers on the move

    As money launderers seek new targets, Martin Woods asks if businesses are ready to protect themselves.

    The recent FIFA scandal demonstrates just how far and wide money laundering now reaches,…

  • Gender gulf

    A new report from The Pearl Initiative outlines a way forward for gender diversity in GCC boardrooms, explains Imelda Dunlop, Executive Director of The Pearl Initiative.

    Women’s empowerment…

  • Open business

    MARKA has shown the GCC business community what can be achieved through good governance; its Chief Executive Officer, Nick Peel, explained to Framework how launching the UAE’s first…

  • Building better boards

    The GCC Board Directors Institute (BDI) has released its survey on board effectiveness in the region; Framework flicks through the highlights.Board performance is under the spotlight as never before.…

  • Long march forward

    According to Nasser Saidi, the opening of the Saudi Stock Exchange should be part of a Chinese ‘Long march forward’.The Saudi Capital Market Authority, under new leadership, has announced…

  • Attuning to the times

    In order to diversify the economy, stem unemployment and wean the private sector off an expat workforce, Saudi Arabia must shift legislations to utilise its female talent pool. Framework spoke to Dr.…

  • Is cybersecurity becoming a compliance priority?

    Julie Dimauro of Compliance Complete explains why regulators need to focus on cybersecurity more than ever.With the massive hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment providing the latest and perhaps most…

  • Russia under sanctions

    For international companies conducting business in or with Russia, the economic sanctions imposed by the United States, European Union and certain other countries pose a number of issues, explain Moscow-based…

  • Setting standards

    Shayne Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of Emirates NBD, muses how corporate governance, risk and compliance have changed beyond recognition since he first came to the region.Shayne Nelson has seen…

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