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Thumbay thriving

  • 0    Above board

    Setting up a bord of directors allows SMEs to put formal structures of corporate governance in place while having access to expert advice.

  • 18    Thumbay thriving

    Thumbay Moideen broke away from his family business and expanded the Thumbay Group to cover 18 sectors across two contintents.

  • 34    The full package

    With the rapidly growing travel sector in the Middle East, HolidayME was developed to allow costumers to create tailor-made holiday packages at competitive…

  • 38    Pay people properly

    As companies try to manage their budgets in the current economic climate, underpaying their staff could cost them in the long run.

Latest stories

  • Time for a holiday!


    With the rapidly growing travel sector in the Middle East, HolidayME was developed to allow customers to create tailor-made holiday packages at competitive rates.

  • The customer is always right


    In an increasingly competitive business environment, SME owners have to focus on customer retention if they want to see their businesses survive  .

  • Setting up the board

    Setting up a board of directors allows SMEs to put formal structures of corporate governance in place while having access to expert advice.

    A start-up…

  • Three steps to start building your personal brand

    In the age of the influencer, organisations are now represented not just through advertising and promotions, but through each of the personalities they employ, according to Shamim Kassibawi,…

  • The positive impact of cultural events on the art economy

    As the UAE’s private and public sector seek innovative ways in which to engage with the art industry to enrich and strengthen communities, it is vital to assess the impact…

  • Spotlight on Saudi

    As Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 looks to wean the Kingdom off its dependence on hydrocarbons, the focus is now on developing the private sector.

    The International…

  • Let it go!

    Warsha Joshi at Platinum VA explores the reasons why owners struggle to delegate and how to overcome that fear.


  • Five tips to survive and thrive

    Shamim Kassibawi, Managing Director of Spread Communications, and MENA CEO of The SMC Group, offers tips on how entrepreneurs can make the most of the ups…

  • Europe mispriced

    The greatest trades are those that take advantage of mispriced assets and illiquidity. As we head into 2017’s second quarter, it increasingly appears as if the European instability narrative…

  • Five lessons for leaders in turbulent times

    London Business School’s Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Dominic Houlder and Executive Fellow of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Nandu Nandkishore

  • Seven finance predictions for 2017

    If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that making predictions is an inexact science, according to Steve Cox, Vice President, Oracle ERP and EPM Cloud Go-to-Market.

    There is much that has…

  • Out with the old

    Steve Currie, Taskgate advises companies holding fast to outdated employment models not to ignore the rising trend of flexible working conditions.


  • Commodities lower as funds scale out

    The Opec/non-Opec summit in Kuwait will doubtlessly see officials attempting some verbal intervention, but crude's fundamentals remain challenging, according to

  • Tips to avoid penalty headaches on Dubai's mandatory health coverage

    An unintended consequence of mandatory health insurance has been the commoditization of health plans, according to Tarek Bayaa, Chief Commercial Officer at Bayzat.

    What was once seen as…

  • From bricks to clicks: ecommerce survival guide

    Google reveals E-commerce success mantra at Retail Leaders Circle MENA. 

    MENA has a population of over 300 million and is one of the most digitally advanced…

  • IMF: OPEC’s rebalancing act

    In November 2014, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided to maintain output despite a perceived global glut of oil. The result was a steep decline in price.

  • Leading with vision

    There have been a number of research studies that show that most people do not work to their full potential, and a leader has to push develop and enhance potential by creating conditions where all…

  • Five benefits social media influencers bring to SMEs

    There is a common misconception that to market your brand you need to have a big budget, according to Maurice Hamilton, Global CEO at The SMC Group.

    Gone are those days when…

  • FXTM analysis–Greenback higher, but no incentives for big moves

    After a muted trading session on Monday due to the US holiday, writes Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist at FXTM, the dollar is finally showing signs of strength in early Asian trade as investors…

  • The pros and cons of debt financing

    In the early stages of development, firms need cash to sustain and/or build their business and the financing your company needs depends on the requirements you have, according…

  • FXTM Analysis–dollar Index looks at risk to falling back below 100

    The weakness in the Dollar is providing the platform for strength across the majority of its major trading partners with the Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound and Swiss Franc,…

  • Technology: does it hinder or help creativity?

    Alexander Rauser, Chief Executive Officer, Prototype considers one of the most commonly asked questions–has technology affected our creativity?

  • Personalisation engines

    SMEs can use the technology of personalisation engines to leverage their business, according to Profusion’s Guy Marson.

    Driving around the…

  • Customise my crib

    Dala Farouki Kakos created MISK Nursery in order to offer mothers-to-be beautiful furniture that can become family heirlooms.

    MISK Nursery, an online store supplying…

  • Inspiration is everywhere

    Sara Al Madani has rebuilt her brand from scratch, become the youngest board member of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and is working towards helping start-ups avoid…

  • Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report: classic attack vectors re-emerge;

    According to the Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report (ACR), over one-third of organisations that experienced a breach in 2016 reported substantial customer, opportunity and revenue loss…

  • Take advantage of technology

    Saad Umerani, Chief Operating Officer, ValuStrat, considers how SMEs can utilise technology to stay relevant in the market.

    Before discussing how SMEs should leverage technology,…

  • Treading water

    While GCC countries have had to reduce spending and diversify their revenue streams, SMEs need to stay competitive in the current economic climate, according to Abdulla Al…

  • A taxing matter

    With the implementation of the GCC VAT set to take place on 1 January 2018, experts advise businesses, and SMEs, how to prepare.

    In an effort to…

  • UAE country focus

    The UAE is expected to show steady growth in 2017 due to the Government’s continued efforts to develop its non-hydrocarbon economy and support the private sector.

  • FXTM Analysis- Great! #Dow20K, shall we jump in?

    FXTM Chief Market Strategist, Hussein Sayed, comments on the Dow Jones Industrial average finally broke above 20,000 on Wednesday.


  • Disrupted by Deliveroo

    Deliveroo epitomises how a start-up can identify a market gap, address it, and grow consistently, outpacing its competitors.

    Deliveroo, a technology…

  • Estate planning for non-Muslim SME owners

    Sean Hird, Director, DIFC Wills & Probate Registry, discusses how foreign-owned SME business owners in Dubai can secure the future of their businesses.


  • Connected coalition

    Abdul Nazeer, CEO, Bebuzzd, asks how brand loyalty can increase consumer engagement in our rapidly-evolving digital world.


  • Encouraging entrepreneurship

    Jarmo Kotilaine, Chief Economic Advisor, Bahrain Economic Development Board, discusses the economic potential of supporting SMEs in the GCC.


  • The exit: a seller's perspective

    Selling a business doesn’t have to be difficult, provided the right steps are followed, advises Bobby Rhakit, CEO, Inside Consulting Partners.


  • Five tips for an organised new year

    Shelina Jokhiya, Managing Director, Decluttrme, gives tips on how to kick off a clutter-free 2017.

    Figure out what is not working

  • Six technology trends that SMEs should watch out for in 2017

    Sage, a market leader in Cloud accounting software, has predicted that chatbots, collective intelligence and blockchain are some of the big technology trends that will change the way entrepreneurs…

  • How to successfully implement change in your business

    Mike Hoff, Certified Gazelles International Coach and Founder & CEO of MHC offers five ways a company can make a smooth transition.
    When the nature of a business evolves or the structure needs…

  • SMEs supported by SOHAR

    SOHAR Port and Freezone focuses on building Oman’s SME sector, while strengthening ties with Iran and Saudi Arabia, according to CEO, Mark Geilenkirchen.


  • Flowers by the boxful

    When Priya Jelly opened her floral boutique, she wanted to set it apart by lending a touch of Parisienne elegance.

    Maison des Fleurs, a home-grown,…

  • Get to Govinda's

    The home-grown restaurant has been catering to vegetarians since 2001, and recently opened its second branch and expanded its menu to cater to vegans as well.


  • Strategy execution: the holy grail of business

    Cedar Chairman, Sanjiv Anand discusses his latest business title Execution Excellence: Making Strategy Work Using the Balanced Scorecard.

    Tell us about your latest book, Execution…

  • Navigating the threat landscape

    As cybercriminals develop more sophisticated malware, it is imperative for SMEs to ensure they put proper safety measures in place.

    In October this year, cybersecurity…

  • Ride on!

    In spite of investors’ general disinterest in social business, the Charicycles co-founders have continued to focus their business on giving back to the community.

  • Outsource your IT

    SMEs with limited resources can save costs and tap into up-to-date solutions by outsourcing their IT requirements.

    Outsourcing is estimated to be…

  • PR trends that brands shouldn't ignore in 2017

    Time runs fast, and as many other things Public Relations and the overall way of communication have gone through an amazing transformation over the past years, according…

  • Branding trends businesses should consider in 2017

    The year has been dynamic, unforgettable and a remarkable break from past norms: from Brexit, US elections, distrust of mainstream media, Pokémon-mania, and the rise of augmented reality sparking…

  • Now hiring!

    As countries within the MENA region are expected to hire new staff, contributing experts give insight into finding the right candidate, first time.

    A recent survey…

  • Keeping up with Qatar

    In spite of low oil prices, Qatar’s non-hydrocarbon sector continues to strengthen while the Government places more focus on developing and supporting SMEs.


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