Wednesday 14, March 2018 by Matthew AmlĂ´t

AfDB unveils regional African economic outlook reports

The African Development Bank has released its flagship report the African Economic Outlook for 2018 with additional regional reports for the first time.

For the first time the African Development Bank is releasing alongside it’s annual African Economic Outlook report five regional reports. The regional economic studies were released in Tunis (North Africa), Abidjan (West and Central Africa), Nairobi (Eastern Africa) and Pretoria (Southern Africa).

“By offering regional approaches for the first time, we want to leverage the Bank's expertise and give more depth of analysis and relevance to this publication,” said Celestin Monga, Chief Economist and Vice President of the African Development Bank's Economic Governance and Knowledge Management.

“The integration of specific reports for each region reflects the importance the Bank’s focus on the regional dimensions of development and inclusive growth in Africa,” said Mohamed El Azizi, Director General of the North Africa Region.



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