Wednesday 15, February 2017 by Jessica Combes

Nasdaq Dubai welcomes listing of $1 billion Sukuk by Dubai Islamic Bank

Nasdaq Dubai has welcomed a listing of a $1 billion Sukuk by Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the UAE’s largest Islamic bank, on the region’s international exchange.

This brings the total value of DIB’s Sukuk current listings on Nasdaq Dubai to 44.25 billion, more than any other UAE issuer.

DIB’s earlier Sukuk listings comprise a $1 billion listing in 2013, two listings in 2015 respectively of $750 million and $1 billion, and a listing in 2016 of $500 million.

The newest DIB listing reinforces Dubai’s position as the world’s largest venue for Sukuk listings by value, raising the total listed in the Emirate to 47.81 billion US dollars.





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