Wednesday 10, January 2018 by Jessica Combes

Tamkeen supports roundtable discussion by Reach Mentoring and FinMark


Reach Mentoring, a non-profit organisation dedicated to mentoring and leadership of women professionals in the Middle East, has partnered with Bahrain-based corporate and financial communications consultancy, FinMark Communications, to support and empower professional women in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

span style="font-size: small;">The partnership was announced at a roundtable discussion organised by the Labour Fund “Tamkeen”, the semi-governmental organisation in the Kingdom tasked with making the private sector the key driver of economic development through multiple programmes and financing including support for skills and career progression.

span style="font-size: small;">The roundtable focused on the importance and benefits of structured professional mentorship and Reach’s experience and plans for launching its programme in Bahrain. Taking part in the discussion were Ahmed Hassan Janahi Manger of Community Engagement, Esam Hammad Senior Manager of Partnerships & Advisory Services, Laudy Lahdo Board Member of Reach, Zahra Taher General Mangare of FinMark Communications.

As part of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the parties, FinMark Communications will become Reach’s official networking partner in Bahrain with the Strategic Partnership of Tamkeen. This will include enrolment of mentors and mentees in the Reach mentoring programme and facilitating professional networking events. The partnership marks another important step for Reach and the expansion of its offering across the MENA region, following a similar agreement announced with the Lebanese League of Women earlier this year.

Reach is the first non-profit mentoring programme dedicated to helping young female professionals in the Middle East. Since 2013, over 200 professional women have been matched with male and female mentors from all industry sectors, to complete the year-long programme.

Within the Reach programme, mentors and mentees are paired through a specialised online platform that enables algorithm matching by aligning their interests, goals, objectives, communication styles, development objectives and personality traits. The programme with FinMark Communications will provide mentorship for professional women in Bahrain to help equip them with the skills needed to succeed in the Middle East workplace.

Reach Board Member, Laudy Lahdo, said: “We are delighted to be able to extend our programme in Bahrain through our latest partnership with FinMark Communications, and further the Reach Mentoring mission to support a new generation of female leaders from and for the Middle East.”

FinMark Communications is a corporate and financial communications consultancy based in Bahrain and London. The company supports a broad range of companies looking to communicate into and out of the GCC and MENA markets. With a full-service offering, FinMark specialises in helping companies build and manage their reputations and effectively connect with key corporate and financial audiences as well as the media across the region and globally.

span style="font-size: small;">“Supporting the advancement of professional women in the workplace is a goal that we share with Reach. We recognise the huge benefit of mentorship for professional development, and while this region is making big steps towards empowering women in the workplace, there is still an important role for organisations to play. We look forward to extending the Reach programme to women in the corporate world in Bahrain, which in its own right has long been a GCC pioneer for women’s social and economic inclusion and empowerment,” said Zahraa Taher, Managing Director of FinMark Communications.


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