Sunday 11, March 2018 by Jessica Combes

Contactless payment bracelets launched in Saudi Arabia


Riyad Bank, with Gemalto, a world leader in digital security, is launching the country’s first ever range of contactless payment wristbands.

Fitted with Gemalto’s proven contactless MiniTag, the bracelets are linked to the user’s existing debit or credit account and offer the freedom to make swift ‘tap and go’ payments with their wearables.  Along with the bracelets Riyad Bank has also launched Gemalto’s contactless sticker which can be fixed to the back of any cell phone to turn it into a secure contactless payment device.

“The launch of Saudi Arabia’s first ever contactless payment wristband is the latest example of our commitment to an enhanced and distinctive customer experience. It also represents another milestone in our collaboration with Gemalto that supports our vision for innovation in order to better serve our customers,” said Riyadh Al-Zahrani, Executive Vice President Head of Retail Banking Division, Riyad Bank.

Reflecting the strong appeal of innovative contactless form factors among younger customers, Riyad Bank will be also serving millennials with bracelets that will be linked to prepaid accounts to enable secure cashless payments at restaurants and other outlets across the country.

“Right across the Middle East, a new generation of consumers is looking for banking solutions that can help facilitate their busy, on-the-go lifestyles. Riyad Bank has led the way in introducing Saudi Arabia to the benefits of contactless, and the new Gemalto payment bracelets once again put it at the forefront of this banking innovation,” said Nassir Ghrous, Senior Vice President Banking & Payments for CISMEA at Gemalto.




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