Wednesday 04, January 2017 by Jessica Combes

Emiratisation prioritised in private sector

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) will begin monitoring the recently announced decrees which mandate private sector establishments, employing 500 or more workers, to hire at least one Emirati job seeker for an occupational health and safety officer position.

Companies engaging over 1000 workers are required hire a minimum of two Emirati employees for data entry positions, and the Ministry has prepared a comprehensive list that includes all the contact details of the qualified national cadres to fill the assigned professions.

Ministerial Decree No.(710) of 2016, pertaining to the employment of  UAE nationals for data entry professions, states that establishments employing over 1,000 workers are authorised to access Tas’heel online services to complete ministry related transactions. However, data entry positions must be filled by  a minimum of two UAE citizens, excluding other nationalities, to carry out the assigned duty.

“While many organisations will panic at this rule at first, I am very pleased by it. For the first time, instead of being hired based on quota filling, nationals are now going to be hired for specific skill sets. These not only allow them to feel motivated, but if they are trained and developed, we can not only mould them to fit into what companies are looking for, but also with a clear career growth path in play, we can make sure these nationals get the best training they require so that they can work to the advancement of the companies that employ them,” said Omaira Farooq AlOlama, Managing Director, ALF Administration, a training centre that focusses on improving UAE nationals' employability.

Notably, Ministerial Decree No. (711) concerning Health and Safety Officers within both industrial and construction sectors, sates companies specialised in construction and industrial works, employing over 500 workers, will not receive work permits unless an Emirati occupational health and safety officer had been assigned.



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