Sunday 08, January 2017 by Jessica Combes

More than three quarters of respondents in the Middle East use virtual job fairs

A new poll by, Virtual Job Fairs in the MENA, found that more than a quarter of respondents regularly participate in virtual job fairs, and satisfaction levels among them are high.

Nearly two thirds, 61.1 per cent, of respondents who have used virtual job fairs said that they were satisfied with their experience, with one quarter, 23.4 per cent, claiming to be very satisfied.

There are many advantages to using virtual job fairs for finding talent to convenience and efficiency. According to respondents, 37 per cent said the main advantages of virtual job fairs are easily collecting CVs and tracking candidates, 24.2 per cent said they reduce the time and cost to hire, 22.6 per cent said convenience included being able to access talent from anywhere without travelling, while 11 per cent said a company’s national and regional reach could be increased at minimal expense.

While 22.6 per cent of respondents cited technical competence and access to the internet as a disadvantage of using virtual jobs fair, and 19.5 per cent added a limited social interaction with employers as another, respondents are mostly satisfied with the advantages they offer and with their experience using virtual fairs.

The majority of respondents, 54.9 per cent, cited finding employment as their main reason for using virtual job fairs, 21.4 per cent admitted using them to submit CVs to selected companies, 9.8 per cent use them to find internships, 5.9 per cent use them to talk with representatives of selected companies, 5.2 per cent use them to hire new candidates, while 2.9 per cent gather information about the labour market.

“Efficiency, effectiveness and convenience are the essential ingredients that support job seekers in today’s competitive climate. For this reason, virtual job fairs are an increasingly popular tool among job seekers who are empowered with the information they need and the ability to explore a wide variety of employment options from virtually any place,” said Muhammad Younas, Director of Product at Employers are equally positive about the effect that virtual job fairs have on their bottom line citing reduced time and cost to hire, and streamlined CV collection and candidate tracking.

Data for the 2016 Virtual Job Fairs in the MENA poll was collected online from 18 October–4 November, 2016. Results are based on a sample of 2,660 respondents from participating countries: the UAE, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia, Qatar, KSA, Yemen, and Others.




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