Monday 09, January 2017 by Sarah Spendiff

UAE imports of mattress supports reached $244 million in 2015 with a global value of imports exceeding $14 billion

Mattress supports imports, which includes articles of bedding and similar furnishings, reached $244 million in 2015 according to Dubai Exports latest report, with a global value of imports exceeding $14 billion

According to Dubai Exports Furniture and furnishings--exports markets and potential report, the UAE has imported a value of some $244 million of mattress supports, articles of bedding and similar furnishing in 2015 with a global value of imports exceeding $14 billion.

The report confirms that the global trends induce “multi-functionality of products, lightweight furniture, performing surfaces, comfort in soft furnishings, a trend toward natural wood, and increasing attention to certified ecolabel, not only for the furniture structure but also for the finishing material.”

The demand in UAE is determined by several factors including the population, the demographic profile, the constructions’ projects and the tourism and hospitality expansion plans.

World Furniture magazine reported, “There are some rising mega trends affecting the way people live globally, particularly in the advanced economies, including the growing mobility of families and the spreading of web connectivity implying that a wider range of diverse activities is conducted at home, from home office to entertainment. These factors and others are impacting the furniture consumption too and manufacturers are targeting to meet emerging and changing demand through an evolving offer of products.”

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