Monday 27, February 2017 by Georgina Enzer

CBB treasury bills subscribed

Mid-February 2017’s BD 70 million issue of Government Treasury Bills has been subscribed by 175 per cent.

The bills, carrying a maturity of 91 days, are issued by the CBB, on behalf of the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The issue date of the bills is 1st March 2017 and the maturity date is 31st May 2017. The weighted average rate of interest is 2.24 per cent, compared to 2.23 per cent for the previous issue on 15 February 2017. The approximate average price for the issue was 99.437 per cent with the lowest accepted price being 99.428 per cent.

This is issue No. 1640 (ISIN BH0005540164) of Government Treasury Bills. With this, the total outstanding value of Government Treasury Bills is BD 1.785 billion.

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