Sunday 12, March 2017 by Georgina Enzer

Foreign investors buy AED 2.3 billion of shares in ADX in February

Foreign investors’ purchases on the ADX in February 2017 reached AED 2.306 billion, representing 44.8 per cent of total trades, and sales stood at AED 2.158 billion, representing 41.9 per cent of total trades.

Net foreign investment in February reached AED 148 million, while institutional investments in February reached AED 31.8 million.

The general ADX index in February increased by 0.07 per cent to 4552. The banking sector scored the highest growth rate at 2.49 per cent, followed by the services sector at 1.9 per cent, and the insurance sector at 1.8 per cent.

The biggest fallers were the energy sector, which dropped by 13.02 per cent, followed by the consumer staples sector at 6.59 per cent, the real-estate sector by 5.13 per cent, the industry sector by 4.88 per cent, the investment and financial services sector by 2.76 per cent; and telecommunication sector by 1.68 per cent.

The market capitalisation of companies listed in ADX dropped by 0.44 per cent to AED 436.465 billion compared with AED 438.383 billion in January. The value of traded stocks in ADX reached AED 5.147 billion compared with AED 7.741 billion in January.

The number of traded stocks on the ADX for February stood at 3.046 billion shares compared with 5.823 in January. The number of deals reached 40,571 compared with 61,907 in January.

The average daily volume in February reached AED 257 million compared with AED 352 million in January. The number of trading days stood at 20 against 22 in January. Fifty-six companies were traded on the ADX in February. 

Eshraq Properties shares were the most active in February, with trades equivalent to AED 1.532 billion, representing 30.7 per cent of total trades, followed by First Gulf Bank (AED 677 million or 13.6 per cent); Al Dar Properties at AED 522 million or 10.5 per cent; ASMAK at AED 497 million (10 per cent); Etisalat at AED 415 million (8.3 per cent); and AED 1.347 billion for the rest of stocks (27 per cent).

The real-estate sector had the lion share of trades with AED 2.227 billion (44.61 per cent) of total trades, followed by the banking sector with AED 1.332 billion (26.7 per cent); the consumer staples sector with AED 554 million (11.1 per cent); telecommunications with AED 438 million (8.78 per cent); the energy sector at AED 172 million (3.46 per cent); the investment and financial services sector at AED 91 million (1.83 per cent); the industry sector at AED 88 million (1.77 per cent); the insurance sector at AED 57 million (1.15 per cent), and the services sector at AED 30.7 million (0.61 per cent).

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