Thursday 16, March 2017 by Georgina Enzer

MetLife enters partnership to meet Gulf customers’ needs

Life insurance provider, MetLife, has partnered with LIMRA, a worldwide research learning and development organisation, to provide a globally recognised certification to MetLife’s key bank partners in the Gulf.

Together with LIMRA, MetLife will offer accredited training and certification to its bancassurance partners’ financial advisers. The training programmes - Bancassurance Training & Financial Advisor Skills Training, and the Certified Master Financial Advisor programme – is designed to enrich their professional competencies to meet the evolving needs of customers and the changing regulatory landscape across the financial services industry.

“Throughout our history, MetLife has anticipated change and stayed ahead of the market by adapting to industry trends and customer needs. We also need to ensure that our partners are prepared and enjoy the benefits of our foresight. With the LIMRA partnership we are once again moving ahead of market trends by anticipating the need for advanced expert guidance for our partners to meet upcoming expectations. The MetLife and LIMRA partnership is a major step towards creating a mature market environment and delivering the right solutions to the right customers,” said Theodor Alexandrescu, General Manager, MetLife Gulf.

MetLife has also introduced its new ‘myMetLife’ platform which is designed to provide customers with access to policy information and health and wellness content as well as an exclusive health tracking tool via desktop, tablet or mobile app. It also demonstrated a virtual reality (VR) customer service platform, developed by MetLife’s Innovation centre, which provides a differentiated, immersive and personalised experience - , enabling customers to interact with a virtual life insurance agent to address questions and handle policy related requirements.

“myMetLife, available in the Gulf now, and the VR customer service platform demonstrate our commitment to innovation in providing the best possible digital solutions to MetLife’s customers – enabling them to interact with MetLife where and when they choose. Along with our bank partners, we aim to support our philosophy of continuous innovation, enhanced customer experience and strong leadership in the insurance market,” Theodor Alexandrescu, General Manager, MetLife Gulf, said.

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