Tuesday 28, March 2017 by Jessica Combes

Yvolv ignites startups with new programme

Yvolv, the technology JV between Alibaba Cloud and Meraas, is launching a new programme aimed at technology startups. 


Yvolv Ignite aims to assist startups to focus on driving their core businesses rather than focusing on technology operations, which consequently helps them reach their growth targets faster and smoother. 

“Being a startup ourselves, we fully understand the needs and challenges that other startups face during the early stages. Therefore, we have tailor-made this programme along with our partners to best help companies at the start of their journey,” said Fahad Al Hajeri, CEO of Yvolv.

The programme is built to tackle the common challenges that startups face in the early stages, such as overspending on technology and spending time on technology operations. The Yvolv Ignite programme helps startups by providing them access to elastic in-country cloud resources, sharing guidance on how to build their technology platform and define a successful customer experience, as well as mentoring them on how to fast-track their growth. 

The Ignite programme offers free Alibaba cloud credit, digital innovation consultation, mentorship, as well as networking and PR support where they will be invited to events sponsored by Yvolv and Alibaba Cloud, in addition to media coverage.  

The programme is available to any technology startups that are in their early-stage with limited funding, leverage technology at the core of their business model, are based in the Middle East or provide their service to Middle East customers, and are not exclusive to a specific technology provider. Startups can continue benefiting from the programme until they become self-sustainable.  

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