Sunday 09, April 2017 by Jessica Combes to acquire 100,000 customers in 2017, the online services marketplace powered by, has announced plans to grow its customer base to 100,000 customers in 2017 by expanding its online home services in the UAE.


Helpbit will offer over 100 new on-demand in-home services to UAE residents at affordable prices having identified the growing need for a reliable source of professional tradesmen who can deliver a quality and affordable service.


The move comes in line with aggressive expansion plans whereby Helpbit recently signed strategic partnerships with 50 new service providers across the UAE. The new partnerships will allow Helpbit to introduce over 100 different services covering an extensive range of interests from laundry, electrical and plumbing services, home moving and storage, home beauty services, automotive care and fashion tailoring services.  


“We are very excited to have added more categories to our services portfolio helping us serve more customers in the UAE. Helpbit is a marketplace for practically any service one would need, from home cleaning and moving to handyman services and fashion alterations. By widening our scope of services with the added value of affordability and quality, we are growing from strength to strength and are able to serve more customers in the UAE and bring them much-needed services conveniently to their doorsteps,” said Mohammed Sleiman, Managing Director,


Helpbit enables smaller professional service providers and entrepreneur-type businesses to trade from a fully-integrated platform that will help grow their business and provide them with exposure to thousands of users on a daily basis.


Through its rigorous vetting and approval process for suppliers, Helpbit has built an expanded database of over 100 suppliers that consumers can evaluate, access and book through its integrated online platform. Critically, users can find a supplier in just 3 clicks to book a trusted and skilled supplier.


“We look forward to continue partnering with a wide selection of professional service providers, business owners, entrepreneurs and SMEs across the UAE. As such, more service providers will be able to showcase their products and services on our platform increasing their profitability and ultimately the size of their businesses,” he added.


A venture of, Helpbit connects online consumers with qualified service providers to get their service done faster and easier. With multiple price comparisons, instant bookings and authentic reviews, customers are spoilt for choice, affordability and quality service.  


As part of Souq Group Inc. Helpbit will be acquired by Amazon through Amazon’s acquisition of the Souq Group with lots of future opportunities ahead of the company as part of Amazon.



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