Monday 17, April 2017 by Jessica Combes

Nomadic Capital repositions itself to provide business incubation services

Nomadic Capital has repositioned to be an incubator of great ideas for the regular entrepreneur or any creative mind with a good idea and a solid vision and has been repositioned itself to become an active player in the provision of business incubation services, according to a statement.

“We started Nomadic Capital with one goal in mind; to create something that would have a lasting and helpful impact on our society. We did not have a product in mind, we had a goal and we have remained true to that goal; which is based on making a positive change in the society. It’s hard to define Nomadic with one word, and I love that. I love that it takes more than a word to define our job, our purpose, and our journey. In the words of Oscar Wilde ‘to define is to limit’. Nomadic is limitless, and we intend to keep it that way," said Stephanie Khouri, Founder of Nomadic Capital Limited.

Nomadic Capital Limited has observed a dearth in the provision of standardised and world-class business incubation services in the region as well as the cravings of young entrepreneurs and innovators for such important function. Nomadic Capital took the strategic decision to reposition to provide business incubation services with the goal of becoming a backbone and a viable tool for spurring innovative ventures across the country in particular and in the whole region in general.

For the economy of Dubai and the whole of the region, the importance of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial development cannot be overstated. It is also of utmost importance and great interest to the young scholars both engineering students and scientists, many of whom are interested in becoming inventors and entrepreneurs. Nomadic Capital is committed to providing services that will foster team-based activities and deepen interactions among both aspiring and experienced innovators across the different sectors of the economy. The intent is to create a supportive and interactive environment where ideas and activities can be shared across disciplines and ranges of experience.

"Our goal is to drive innovation by connecting entrepreneurial teams, not only in Dubai, but nationally and internationally, in an interdisciplinary approach to creating viable business ventures and social initiatives. Dubai is a city with deep roots in innovation and entrepreneurship and we are part of this history and will ensure that we play an important role in the future of innovation and entrepreneurship in Dubai," said Khouri.



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