Tuesday 18, April 2017 by Jessica Combes

GRI standards training programme to help GCC businesses report on sustainability


KPMG, a leading professional services firm for sustainability services, will deliver the first-ever Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards training programme on sustainability reporting, mandatory for all sustainability reports developed or released after June 2018, on 3 and 4 May in Dubai.


The two-day training course has been designed using global methodologies and adapted to GCC conditions. It covers different aspects of sustainability reporting, including leading practice, global and regional case-studies, and latest trends, along with insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainability reporting.


“We want to help organisations transition smoothly to the new standards, enabling corporate entities in the UAE to align their sustainability performance with UAE Vision 2021,” said Raajeev B Batra, Partner and Head of Consulting for KPMG in the Lower Gulf.


Batra added that as local and regional businesses expand their global footprint, developing a holistic approach towards corporate governance and proactively integrating sustainability into mainstream business strategy has become imperative. A balanced sustainability report helps communicate an organisation’s positive and negative impact to all its stakeholders.


“Understanding the latest GRI sustainability reporting standards and how to develop content according to the new framework criteria will help companies link their sustainability reports to various global reporting disclosures,” he added.


Sustainability is a business approach that is designed to create long-term stakeholder value by appropriately identifying and managing risk and optimising opportunities across economic, environmental and social bottom lines.


The new GRI standards, launched in October 2016, is a set of modular, interrelated standards aimed at providing a more holistic, credible and flexible structure for sustainability reporting and are among the most trusted and widely used frameworks in the world. Even though the new standards are not mandatory until June 2018, businesses are likely to benefit from early adoption, according to Raajeev.


KPMG’s sustainability teams in the GCC have trained key decision-makers across industries on sustainability and environmental related aspects. Earlier this year, they hosted a two-day training programme on social return on investments (SROI) to help UAE business entities improve corporate social responsibility.



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