Tuesday 02, May 2017 by Jessica Combes

$6.5 billion in business opportunities in 5G for UAE ICT players


Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) players in the UAE who leverage 5G to digitalise industries can capture business worth $6.5 billion by 2026, according to a new report from Ericsson.

The report is titled The 5G business potential - Industry digitalisation and the untapped opportunities for operators  , and it analyses the 5G business opportunity that comes from industrial digitalisation, focusing on eight key global industries, including: manufacturing, public safety, financial services, healthcare, automotive, public transport, media and entertainment and energy and utilities.


For telecom operators who address industry digitalisation, Ericsson foresees revenue potential of $3.1 billion for UAE telecom operators by 2026.

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The report shows that manufacturing and energy/utilities sectors represent the biggest opportunity for revenues created or enhanced by 5G. To capture this market potential requires investment in 5G technology, but also business development, go-to-market models and organisational adaptation. To leverage the power of 5G technologies, operators need to rethink their role and what value to deliver, and what business models to use.

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The fast-paced change in business ecosystems and disruptive technological advances affect vertical industries to different extents. As the world becomes ever more digitally and globally connected, industries are experiencing an ICT-driven transformation. For operators, traditional methods of revenue are slowing, however, the market for industrial digitalisation is only just beginning.



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