Monday 15, May 2017 by Georgina Enzer

RAKBANK launches a ‘We Care’ campaign across the UAE

In line with RAKBANK’s corporate responsibility of social inclusion, and Dubai’s ‘My Community’ Vision 2020, the Bank recently introduced a ‘We Care’ campaign.

The ‘We Care’ campaign focuses mainly on enhancing the banking experience for people with determination, pregnant women, and mothers.

The initial phase of ‘We Care’ focuses on improving the banking experience of pregnant women and women with children in RAKBANK branches. Upon entering a branch, a female customer that is either pregnant or has children may select the ‘priority’ option when requesting a token from the queue machine, to ensure a fast-tracked customer service. The ‘priority’ customers are then directed to a dedicated waiting area that has comfortable seating arrangements for pregnant women and for mothers with children. Lastly, their token will give them priority to be serviced at all the teller counters and customer service areas.

Furthermore, 12 of the Bank’s branches across the UAE are equipped to cater to the needs of people with determination. These branches have an accessible main entrance with ramps, handrails, designated parking spots at the branch entrance, and waiting areas that fit wheelchairs. The process remains the same, from when customers (People with determination) enter the branch, select the ‘priority’ option when requesting a token from the queue machine. The Customer Service Manager will then assist them with all their cash and non-cash transactions, aiding them in any other requested banking services. However, some branches are not yet equipped with the appropriate facilities for people with determination, but once the customer enters the branch they may still select the ‘We Care’ option on the queue machine where a member of the branch staff will immediately assist them with their various banking services.

“At RAKBANK, we believe that our long-term success as a national bank lies in growing people’s best interest and their trust in us by increasing our social responsibility towards the community. The ‘We Care’ campaign aims to offer people with determination, pregnant women, and mothers the utmost convenience when banking with us. Additionally, the ‘We Care’ campaign also focuses on making 12 of the Bank’s branches completely disability friendly, with future plans to further extend the campaign throughout all of the Bank’s upcoming branches, to make sure that they can also accommodate people with determination,” Lina Yahya, Head of RAKBANK’s Service Excellence said.

In addition to the ‘We Care’ campaign, RAKBANK launched INDIMAJ in early 2016 with the help of Sensation Station, a multidisciplinary private therapy centre that provides services for students with a variety of special needs and developmental challenges. INDIMAJ, which means integration in Arabic, is a work experience programme that offers a unique opportunity for vocational learning and personal development for students and graduates with cognitive disabilities.

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