Monday 12, June 2017 by Georgina Enzer

Central Bank of Bahrain orders accounts of blacklisted individuals, entities to be frozen

The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) has instructed all licensed financial institutions operating in Bahrain to freeze and seize any bank accounts, assets, deposits, investment accounts, insurance policies and financial transactions belonging to the individuals and entities cited in the terror lists, which were issued jointly by the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The list of 59 individuals and 12 entities that are Qatar-linked, stand accused of having links to terrorism. The financial institutions have also been instructed to notify the Central Bank of Bahrain about any financial information which concern these entities and individuals as soon as possible.

Last week, the UAE central bank instructed the banks operating in the country to do the same

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