Tuesday 13, June 2017 by Jessica Combes

Foreign investors in ADX buy value reaches AED 2.28 billion in May


Foreign investors buy value of shares in May 2017 reached 2.282 billion Dirhams, representing 60.9 per cent of total trades conducted on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) during that month, whereas their sell value stood at AED 2.077 billion, representing 55.4 per cent of total trades, according to latest results.

Subsequently, the net foreign investment in May reached 204 million Dirhams.  The institutional investment in May have reached 389 million Dirhams.

The ADX general index in May declined by 2.11 per cent to 4427 points. The services sector scored the highest growth rate at 8.29 per cent, followed by industry sector at 2.73 per cent. Meanwhile the consumer staples sector dropped by 8.09 per cent, followed by investment and financial services sector by 6.05 per cent; the energy sector by 4.31 per cent; banking sector by 3.10 per cent; telecommunications sector by 1.43 per cent; insurance sector by 0.49 per cent, and real-estate sector by 0.12 per cent.

The market capitalisation of domestic companies listed on ADX dropped by 1.61 per cent to reach AED 426.864 billion compared with AED 433.830 billion in April. Value of traded shares in ADX reached AED 3.745 billion compared with AED 3.322 billion in April.

The volume of traded shares stood at 1.719 billion shares compared with 1.618 in April. Number of deals reached 23510 compared with 25319 in April. The average daily traded value in May reached AED 162 million. The number of trading days stood at 23 against 20 in April, while 57 companies were traded on ADX in May.

First Abu Dhabi Bank shares were the most active in May with trades equivalent to AED 775.2 million, representing 21.4 per cent of total trades, followed by Etisalat (AED 534 million Dirhams or 14.7 per cent); Al-Dar Properties at AED 450 million (12.4 per cent); Eshraq Properties at AED 449 million (12.4 per cent); Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank at AED 405 million (11.2 per cent), and around AED 1.009 billion for the rest of companies shares (27.9 per cent).

The banking sector had the lion share of trades with AED 1.733 billion Dirhams (47.85 per cent) of total trades, followed by the real-estate sector with AED 951 million (26.25 per cent); telecommunications sector with AED 551 million (15.21 per cent); energy sector with 107 AED million (2.96 per cent); consumer staples sector at 91.7 million (2.53 per cent); industry sector at AED 85.6 million Dirhams (2.36 per cent); services sector at AED 47 million Dirhams (1.30 per cent); investment and financial services at AED 29.7 million Dirhams (0.82 per cent), and insurance sector at AED 26 million Dirhams (0.72 per cent).









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