Tuesday 04, July 2017 by Georgina Enzer

National Bonds adds happiness and positivity to HR Department’s mandates

National Bonds Corporation PJSC (National Bonds), a leading Shari'ah-compliant savings and investments company in the UAE, announced the change in the title of its Executive Director of HR and Administration, Saif Ali Al Shehhi, to Executive Director of Happiness and Positivity.

“Happiness and positivity are two main targets within the approach that has been adopted by National Bonds since its establishment. This approach seeks to build a culture of planning for the future through raising awareness about sound financial behaviours that turn challenges into opportunities, enhance living conditions, and achieve a better future,” Mohammed Qasim Al-Ali, CEO of National Bonds Corporation said. “When our company improves the happiness of thousands of Emirati citizens and residents through its saving and investment programmes, our internal work environment and way of thinking must stimulate feelings of happiness and positivity.”

This move aligns with the objectives of ‘Dubai Plan 2021’ to increase happiness of human resources, and is part of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to make the UAE people one of the happiest globally. 

National Bonds’ Happiness and Positivity Department aims with its policies to provide the best environment to employees and reduce negative impact on health that may arise from office work pressure. Since achieving financial and psychological stability is a main target for National Bonds, the HR Department is committed to this goal and to reducing debts and financial pressures of employees by helping them to manage their budgets and urging them to save for a more stable future. This will enhance their performance and their wellbeing.

“We continuously ensure that our employees enjoy a positive work environment so that they become ambassadors of the culture of happiness that is the ultimate objective of our plans, programmes and products. We invest in sectors that have a direct impact on society’s happiness, such as education, culture, living standards, infrastructure, and environment, which are part of the eight pillars of the National Survey of Happiness and Positivity in the UAE,” said Al-Ali.

Al Shehhi will manage the Happiness and Positivity Department to ensure that the productivity of National Bonds’ employees will be enhanced through a number of internal programmes and policies that will raise their happiness and their sense of positivity while handling daily tasks.

“We have learned in the UAE that positivity is a way of thinking, and that happiness is a lifestyle. Our work at National Bonds revolves around human beings and achieving financial and social stability to UAE citizens and residents. This is why all our employees need to reflect this culture and approach through their daily practises. The concept of productivity for employees is related to the value that they receive from their work. This value gives a more profound meaning for their job, rather than employment being only a source of income,” Saif Ali Al Shehhi said. “Happiness at work is an entrance to the financial, physical and psychological health of the individual and it is reflected in the surrounding environment and the society as a whole. We are committed to implementing the best policies that protect our human resources and enhance productivity and enable us to attract the talent that are looking for a work environment that value them on a personal level, and focus on their psychological happiness more than anything else."

This step demonstrates National Bonds’ commitment to the UAE National Programme for Happiness and Positivity that aims to make happiness a lifestyle in the UAE community and underscores the the concept of positivity as a development solution to build a more stable and prosperous future.

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