Tuesday 01, August 2017 by Jessica Combes

NBF GenNext programme trains next generation business owners for leadership

Dependents of the bank’s corporate and institutional banking clients will participate in leadership and learning sessions throughout a week-long seminar.

“Research by the Family Business Council Gulf and McKinsey revealed that around $1.2 and $1.3 trillion is set to pass from parents to their millennial heirs in the next 10 years. More importantly, family businesses contribute significantly to the country’s economic growth but are need of support in terms of succession planning across generations.  Therefore, the GenNext programme is an extension of the bank’s tradition as a trusted partner for businesses in the UAE. We are keen to help our clients develop a strong pipeline of capable young leaders that would help grow their businesses and preserve them for future generations,” said Vikram Pradhan, NBF’s Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking.

The sessions are curated by Fitch Learning, a leading provider of learning and development solutions for the financial services industry. NBF’s GenNext not only explores financial principles that are critical to the business but also focuses on management competencies and leadership skills. It is guided by the bank’s management team who actively participates in the sessions and provides insights into how to successfully run a business and sustain it across generations.

“I would like to thank NBF for giving me the opportunity to receive this specialised training. A key challenge for a fresh graduate like me is to gain a technical overview early on to effectively grow and sustain the family business as soon as I join the organisation. In this regard, the GenNext programme is an invaluable platform, as it allowed me to master much-needed technical areas and skills, especially in today’s competitive environment,” said Jalal AL Noubani , one of the participants in NBF GenNext.

This year’s programme saw the participation of 14 individuals and covered topics including corporate financial reporting and funding; company management and ownership; shareholder returns; investment and financing; and debt funding and metrics. A part of the NBF Knowledge Series, NBF GenNext reflects the bank’s client-centric approach which constantly focuses on creating platforms that educate and benefit customers. Given its success, the programme has become an annual fixture on clients’ agendas as NBF continues to tailor it to match their needs and requirements.



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