Wednesday 02, August 2017 by William Mullally

UK economy poised for rebound

the UK economy poised to rebound in 2018, Mihir Kapadia – CEO and Founder of Sun Global Investments, has said.

The economic future of Britain has received a boost from the lower GBP, which was the result of the Brexit Referendum. The fall in the value of the pound since the Brexit vote boosted exports, edging the FTSE100 to new highs. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research expects this to continue into next year and forecasts an economic growth of 1.9 per cent in 2018, up from current levels of 1.7 per cent.

While Brexit poses varying levels of political and business uncertainties, the UK’s economic growth may prove to be more resilient and provide support for the country’s prosperity while it embarks on the Brexit negotiation process.

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