Thursday 07, September 2017 by Georgina Enzer

BBK to introduce the first Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) in Bahrain

BBK, Bahrain’s pioneer in retail and commercial banking, announced the imminent launch of its first ‘ITM’, Interactive Teller Machine, a video-based interactive technology which allows customers to conduct transactions and banking services with the help of a centrally based customer service representative, in a highly engaging and personalised real time two-way video/audio interaction.

The first BBK ITM will be launched in the Isa Town Financial Mall in September and will enable BBK customers to perform many of the same transactions they would in a branch such as BBK cheque deposit and cashing, cash withdrawals of value amount greater than BD 700, cash deposits and transfers within BBK, BBK cheque deposit and cashing, in addition to bill payment, and various customer service requests such as debit card replacement request, updating a phone number or personal details. etc ). Another practical feature of the ITM is that customers do not need their Debit Card and PIN to conduct transactions, only an ID can suffice.

“We are excited to be the first to adopt this innovative technology in Bahrain as the ITM represents a convergence of the self-service and customer experience revolutions, our customers will be able to enjoy the convenience of live video chatting with one of our friendly representatives and do almost anything they can do when visiting a branch. This technology represents another step in BBK’s efforts to add value to its customers’ lives by providing them with a more convenient and efficient banking experience while respecting their busy lifestyle,” said BBK Chief Executive, Reyadh Yousif Sater.

BBK strives to maintain the leadership in adopting tech-savvy channels to deliver services to its customers and ensure a convenient and satisfying Banking experience. The new ITM terminal is able to provide a complete banking experience for customers who prefer the convenience and ease of advanced technology. With also the newly introduced ‘BBK Queue App’, a new virtual queuing system allowing customers to pre-book appointments to visit branches and the existing state-of-the-art e-Banking channels, customers are offered the choice of banking through their preferred channels at any time and place.

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