Monday 25, September 2017 by Georgina Enzer

Egyptian SMEs benefit from online tools to reach global markets

In an ongoing collaboration with the World Bank and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Facebook has released a new International Trade report from the Future of Business survey across 42 countries accounting for 40 per cent of the world’s population and 73 per cent of global GDP, about how small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) with a digital presence are trading internationally.

This year’s results show that those small businesses who are engaged in international trade are more confident about the future and use online tools at a higher rate than non-traders. While 52 per cent of Egyptian exporters in SMEs depend on online tools for 75 per cent of their international sales, 65 per cent agree that using online tools for selling internationally has increased their revenue.

Of the 35 million people on Facebook in Egypt, more than 60 per cent are connected to at least one small business in another country. And almost 80 million people from around the world are connected to a small business in Egypt. The survey highlights that 56 per cent of traders and non-traders are confident of their current business, with almost three in four SMEs confident in the positive future outlook of their business.

Facebook is fueling small business growth – it’s a great way for SMEs to reach existing customers and find new ones, simply because it’s where people are spending their time. These businesses are using technology to grow, build new opportunities and find customers at home and abroad.

To help give small and medium enterprises across MENA great business ideas, and practical advice they need to turn these ideas into reality, Facebook is partnering with local organisations who have unrivalled expertise in this area to provide advice, knowledge and tools that will give more women across the country the practical support. For instance, in Egypt, Facebook has partnered with Ahead of the Curve, as part of #SheMeansBusiness initiative launched earlier this year, who has been taking the lead in building a team of partners to reach women across the country.

One of the key case studies highlighted in the campaign was, Eventtus Egypt. Co-founder and CEO, Mai Medhat co-created with her friend Nihal Fares, an engagement platform and mobile app for event planning, networking and ticketing. Eventtus helps event organisers quickly and easily create an interactive mobile app for their events in a few minutes. Through the app, organisers can then share content, such as the agendas, speaker bios, and exhibitors. Polls and surveys can be used to provide real-time feedback, and Eventtus’ post- event analytics help organisers understand their audiences, measure success, and improve future planning. It’s a one stop shop to make the creation, curation and running of events as seamless and easy as possible.

Facebook acknowledges the significant role that small and medium enterprises play in the growth of an economy, and continuously looks for ways to partner in the growth of these businesses, leveraging the power of technology, to help provide them a global mobile opportunity with Facebook as their mobile solution.



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