Thursday 28, September 2017 by Georgina Enzer

Mashreq's greatest challenge - Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, CEO, Mashreq

What’s the biggest challenge facing Mashreq and the broader UAE economy for the future?

HE Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, CEO of Mashreq, comments on the need to foster an entrepreneurial spirit among young Emiratis. Watch the video here.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in the future?

From the banking point view, it is not just a challenge, it is an opportunity. It is how the banking system can work with Government agencies to encourage young Emiratis to start their own businesses. There are great opportunities in the UAE for Emiratis to start new businesses. The question is how can banks and Government agencies work together to support these new SMEs. The future lies with the small businesses that grow to become large businesses – we need to support them. After all, my family’s business started as a small business.

What are your ambitions for Mashreq in the short term and long term?

Mashreq will continue to strive to be the leader in service, in customer convenience and in providing our customers with a wide range of products and services at a very competitive price.

Like most banks, we look at how can we grow as an institution, how can we grow market share. That is the challenge, to grow our market share in a profitable manner.

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