Sunday 08, October 2017 by Jessica Combes

81 per cent of employees would be just as efficient if they chose their own hours


A further 56 per cent stating that a fixed workspace was also not important, according to a new global survey by Global Women in PR.

Allowing flexible hours enables efficiency for both sexes, according to a new survey carried out by global PR and Communications body, Global Women in PR (GWPR).  And while flexibility is attractive to the 83 per cent of parent respondents who found balancing childcare and work a challenge, women are still at a huge disadvantage in the working world; one in three cite a lack of confidence as the one factor that held them back in the workplace, particularly where asking for a pay-rise is concerned.

“On launching 18months ago, we quickly realised that sourcing flexible work for women was only half the battle.  Ensuring women follow a path to senior management and building confidence is key to reducing the gap, but we need those women in the workforce in the first place and in the UAE, the employment rate of women is less than half the global average,” said Co-Founder, Helen McGuire.

With the UAE’s female populations considered one of the most well educated in the world and Government led initiatives specifically set up to tackle the issues of increasing the female workforce, there is still a long way to go until women and men are on an equal footing in all regions.  Globally, the gender pay gap in the PR industry alone stands at $6,072.

“With 24-7 communications and the ability to stay connected anywhere in the world, why do we need to keep to the traditional 9-5 office working day?  This in turn will help women better manage the demands of work and family commitments so they are given the chance to reach the top of the career ladder,” said GWPR Co-founder Angela Oakes.

It seems there is much to tackle both globally and across the UAE, and Hopscotch is one of the organisations committed to improving the situation.  McGuire added that Hopscotch has continuously pioneered solutions to help close the gender gap and enable flexible work, including our next event, Talent Round Tables supported by Jumeirah Group.

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