Monday 23, October 2017 by

Bank al Etihad Opens new Salt Branch

As part of Bank al Etihad’s policy to serve as many clients as possible by expanding its network of branches across the Kingdom of Jordan, the Bank recently announced the opening of its new branch in the Al Balqa Governorate, in the city of Salt.

With the purpose of providing its unique assortment of services and financial products to its clients in the region, the new branch is conveniently located in the Salt Gate area in the Al Dababneh Center, which is one of the strategic business hubs of the area, thus allowing Bank al Etihad to serve its clients easily and efficiently.

The network of Bank al Etihad branches has now reached 43 branches spread across the governorates of Amman, Madaba, Zarqa, Irbid, Mafraq, Aqaba, Al Ramtha and Al Balqa. The Bank's network is expected to expand to 46 branches by the end of the current year.