Wednesday 08, November 2017 by Jessica Combes

Ziad Makhzoumi headlines TAKAUD DIFC seminar on business strategies


TAKAUD DIFC, which arranges deals in investments and advises on financial products for high-net-worth individuals and for employee savings plans, hosted an informative event at the Capital Club, DIFC in Dubai.

The event featured a thought-provoking speech by Ziad Makhzoumi, CEO of Prime Strategy Consulting Group. He spoke about the rapid and increasing pace of change in technology and emphasised the importance for organisations of adapting and innovating. “We need to be smarter game changers, innovators, playing the game of business differently, we must have new strategies for playing the same game with some rules that are out of date and for sure out of sync.”

Comparing the pace of change today to that of the Industrial Revolution, Makhzoumi stated that this change is happening 10 times faster than the Industrial Revolution, at 300 times the scale, with 3,000 times the impact.

Using examples straight out of today’s headlines, Makhzoumi noted that Facebook attracted six million users in its first year and 100 times that number over the next five years, while it took 50 years for 50 per cent of Americans to own telephones after that technology was introduced. To deal with the accelerating pace of change, he offered the following advice, “A company must organise a disciplined search to identify, enhance and nurture its best ideas—and deploy some of its most talented people to pursue them—if it wants to create real opportunities to earn high returns relative to the risks taken. A successful corporate strategy involves creating enough initiatives offering high returns relative to the risks taken to enable a company to meet its aspirations and outperform the expectations of capital markets.”

Makhzoumi’s speech was preceded by a presentation by Johannes van der Dong, TAKAUD’s Chief Investment Officer, who analysed current global economic trends and what they mean for investors. He also announced that the TAKAUD Investment Strategies had performed exceptionally well so far in 2017, with the Global Growth Strategy achieving a 14.42 per cent increase in value, the Regional Growth attaining 12.08 per cent and the Shari’ah-Compliant Growth Investment Strategy posting a 10.03 per cent year-to-date increase.

Both speakers were received enthusiastically by the audience of business leaders and investors, who asked insightful questions and engaged both in detailed discussions.

Takaud Savings and Pensions (DIFC) Limited (TAKAUD DIFC) is a fully owned subsidiary of Bahrain-based Takaud Savings and Pensions B.S.C. (c), the MENA region’s specialist provider of savings, investment and pension solutions. TAKAUD DIFC operates under the licence of the Dubai Financial Services Authority.