Sunday 26, November 2017 by Jessica Combes

NBF develops green credentials in collaboration with ENABLE


National Bank of Fujairah announced today its partnership with ENABLE, a Desert Group company that cultivates horticulture projects and initiatives across the country, to further support its efforts for increasing awareness about people of determination, SME inclusion, and promoting the social enterprise model to other corporates.

The bank will sponsor the “ENABLE Mobile Store” a truck that will be at the centre of this drive and will tour across the UAE as a mobile pop up shop.

“Over a number of years now, we have been very impressed with the work of ENABLE and we are delighted to have this opportunity to support their work. We are both keen to help bring out the best in our community and improve the overall well-being of the people living in it. Our collaboration with ENABLE is reflective of our commitment to supporting the development of all the communities in which we operate. The initiative sends a strong message that we can all play our part in building social and economic prosperity,” said Vince Cook, NBF CEO.

The “ENABLE Mobile Store” staffed by Emirati people of determination will be driven across a predetermined route, which will include public areas such as hospitals, schools, parks and others. The ENABLE team will sell succulents to raise funds, spread awareness for a greener environment, and inspire entrepreneurial spirit of the people of determination and their inclusion. All proceeds will support the organisation’s operations and a portion of the revenues will go towards empowering its employees of determination.

“It has been our constant effort to give back to society, and the success of ENABLE gives us a sense of achievement. We are now ready to share our success and learning with other corporates. The “ENABLE Mobile Store” will not only further empower the talents of the determined ones at ENABLE, but will also help spread the message of inclusion to all and help us encourage and initiate other corporates to do the same. A special thanks to NBF without which this would not have been possible,” said Michael Mascarenhas, CEO Desert Group.

This initiative builds on NBF’s efforts aimed at giving back to the community and empowering all community members. The initiative sends a strong message that anyone including individuals of determination can act as agents of change and lead to economic prosperity.

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