Tuesday 19, December 2017 by Jessica Combes

UAE MoE and Abu Dhabi DED announce launch of TIP platform


The Ministry of Economy and the Department of Economic Development–Abu Dhabi have officially launched TIP platform, that will host a community of pioneers in technology and innovation locally, regionally and globally.

TIP will also have specialised sub-platforms and will soon launch an award managed by TIP.  

The launch took place during a signing ceremony attended by HE Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, and HE Saif Mohammed Al Hajeri, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, and was signed by HE Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz Al Shehhi, undersecretary for Economic Affairs, and HE Khalifa Bin Salem Al-Mansouri, undersecretary of the Department of Economic Development–Abu Dhabi, in the presence of a number of senior officials from both sides.

Through this agreement, The Takamul Programme, under the Department of Economic Development–Abu Dhabi, would manage the TIP initiative and content, as well as work closely with strategic partners to activate and enhance contribution of both public and private sectors within TIP.

Al Mansouri said, the Ministry of Economy and the Department of Economic Development–Abu Dhabi sets key priorities around economic diversification and sustainable development, and as a key focus aim  build and develop an integrated economic system that interacts with targeted sectors locally and internationally, further developing capacities in the fields of technology and innovation.

He added, the UAE has come a long way in providing a supportive legislative environment which promotes and develop entrepreneurship in the field of technology and innovation, In addition to having many specialised institutions which embrace such projects in order to attract entrepreneurs and investors in the field of technology and innovation.

The Minister pointed out that providing platforms to train qualified staff and connecting main sectors with educational institutions and fund organisations that are interested in the field of technology and innovation is one the main factors to enhance the UAE’s vision in these fields, and further enhances the country’s Global Innovation index.

“The Department of Economic Development Abu Dhabi is committed to supporting the country’s strategic economic initiatives aimed at building an integrated economic system, and we are especially focused on leading Abu Dhabi’s economic agenda to further enhance its GDP through a knowledge-based economy, with a key focus on technology and innovation as a catalyst for future economic growth, said Al Hajeri.

Al Hajeri added that launching TIP aims to encourage a technology and innovation community in the UAE and promote establishing small and medium-size companies, and will be focused on supporting the development of a complete innovation ecosystem.

Alshihy emphasised that the esteemed leadership is focused on encouraging and supporting technology and innovation pioneers, to support the vision of the Patent Office; its strategic goals; and its vital role in serving the UAE’s Global Innovation Index, and place the UAE amongst the most innovative countries worldwide in the coming years.  

He further added that the Ministry of Economy works closely with all local governments in the country to implement the economic agenda especially in regard to the accelerators of technology and innovation in order to create a sustainable and diverse economy based on knowledge and innovation.

The Ministry of Economy places great focus on research and development in the fields of science, technology and innovation as they are considered key drivers to achieving advanced economic development and social progress for a nation.

“This strategic partnership with the Ministry of Economy, signifies our joint commitment towards developing and fostering a greater technological and Innovation community in the UAE, that will nurture the local economy. The UAE, and The Government of Abu Dhabi place great emphasis on the important role that technology and innovation play in supporting the local economy, and are focused on encouraging and enabling entrepreneurs, innovators and start-up firms in these fields, through the Takamul programme, led by the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi,” said Al-Mansouri.

He added that TIP will create an engine to drive the UAE economy in the fields of technology and innovation, by providing a platform to link all innovators, pioneers, vital sectors and related services that will foster and drive an innovative value-added ecosystem and community. Through the Takamul programme, two hundred and thirty-four innovation patents have been registered till date, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and other partners.

“We are currently in the progress of finalising an awards system around this focusing on innovation and technology, to act as an accelerator to certain key initiatives, and will further motive and encourage innovation pioneers and inventors to create and innovate on key matters that will support economic development in the UAE, enhance productivity and reduce costs through innovation, and increase the UAE’s contribution to the Global Innovation Index,” said Al Mansouri in conclusion.

The agreement between the Ministry of Economy and the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi, will see both parties work closely together to achieve outlined objectives and build a dedicated platform for technology innovation pioneers, which will include specialised sub-platforms , such as a platform to fund emerging projects, another to highlight challenges and constraints facing economic sectors and government organisations in the field of innovation and technology; in addition to a platform to attract inventors and emerging companies both locally and internationally, as well as the TIP awards programme and award ceremony, and other related aspects that will expand in time where jointly agreed on.

With the objective of creating an innovators ecosystem, The TIP platform will provide services to support a technology and innovation-centric environment and community, clustering and linking innovators, manufactories, universities and other related organisations to enable this ecosystem.

The agreement specifies that the Department of Economic Development–Abu Dhabi will be in charge of regulating and managing TIP and its services including the award, as well as managing the financial, regulatory, creative, and media affairs, in addition to assessing all challenges and solutions related to the success of the TIP.

TIP is the first comprehensive platform in the region which enables interaction between targeted sectors, innovators, universities, innovator centres, firms of small and medium sizes, and funding bodies in the field of technology, within an obvious business system.   

TIP also aims to support and accelerate key aspects of both the Emirate's Vision 2021, and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi's Economic Vision 2030, and the National Strategy for Innovation, as well as activating the collaboration between all targeted within the innovation and economic system of the state such as economic and industrial sectors, government institutions and semi-government, investors, universities, small and medium enterprises, start-up companies and funders, and to connect with similar international initiatives and platforms to attract small and start-up firms to use modern technology in the UAE.

The first focus to be run by TIP will be in the field of health care is being launched soon, in partnership with the Department of Health Abu Dhabi. Other focused initiatives under TIP will follow in the near future, in collaboration with other key partners who play a vital role in supporting the economic agenda and national strategy of innovation.


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