Tuesday 30, January 2018 by Jessica Combes

TAKAUD DIFC's strategies for HNWIs post record returns in 2017


TAKAUD DIFC, which arranges deals in investments and advice on financial products for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and for employee savings and pension schemes, announced today that the company’s investment strategies posted record results for GCC and MENA savers and investors in 2017.

Leading the way in investment performance is the TAKAUD Global Growth Strategy, with total annual returns for Wealth Management investors of 18.36 per cent. The Shari’ah Compliant Growth Strategy posted 15.04 per cent returns for investors and the Regional Growth Strategy saw gains of 14.74 per cent for the year.

Wealth Management clients benefited from excellent returns for all Global strategies in 2017. The Balanced Strategy produced strong returns of 10.82 per cent and the Prudent posted results of 5.86 per cent in 2017.

Wealth Management clients favouring the Regional Investment Strategies saw 11.8 per cent returns for the Balanced Strategy and 7.83 per cent for the Prudent Strategy.

In addition to the 15 per cent annual return achieved in 2017 by the Shari’ah Compliant Growth Strategy, the Shari’ah Compliant Balanced Strategy provided savers with 11.74 per cent returns and the Prudent Strategy posted 5.62 per cent returns.

TAKAUD Wealth Management clients also have access to TAKAUD strategies in Pounds Sterling. These strategies are of particular interest to people transferring UK pensions through a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) arrangement. TAKAUD’s Wealth Managers and Private Client Managers have expertise advising on whether such transfers are advantageous in individual cases, and on executing the investments.

While TAKAUD offers its Wealth Management clients the best value proposition available for its strong investment platform of bespoke strategies, mutual funds and complete placement services for bonds, shares and other securities, the company also makes all of its investments available—at exceptionally low fee structure—to employees of companies with TAKAUD Employee Savings Plans. This enables employees to save monthly while investing in top-quality investment products. Employees can invest any amount monthly—from as little as AED 100—opening up these investment opportunities to employees at all levels.

TAKAUD DIFC advices and provides access to TAKAUD’s Wealth Management and Employee Savings & Pension Schemes to its UAE clients at its offices in Emirates Financial Towers.

Takaud Savings and Pensions (DIFC) Limited (TAKAUD DIFC) is a fully owned subsidiary of Bahrain-based Takaud Savings and Pensions B.S.C. (c), (TAKAUD) the MENA region’s specialist provider of pensions, savings and investment solutions. TAKAUD DIFC operates under the license of the Dubai Financial Services Authority.



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