Thursday 08, March 2018 by Matthew Amlôt

Finnovation Africa Series 2018 announced

During 2017 Finnovation Africa Series was hosted in Uganda and Ethiopia and saw more than 500 thought leaders, fintech pioneers and bankers gathered to address how FinTech can contribute to the positive and profitable transformation of financial services in Africa.

Ethico Live! has announced the expansion of the series with the launch of Finnovation Africa: Kenya 2018, which will be held on the 31 May 2018 at the Radisson Blu Nairobi. The event will seek to harness the fintech revolution to boost strategic economic priorities such as financial inclusion and deepening – and how fintech can make a positive and profitable difference in Africa.

The events will focus on several subjects, including blockchain & bitcoin, open banking & apis, payment innovations, and mobile money & digital wallets. Finnovation Kenya 2018 also features a number of sessions such as The Wolves’ Den, Silicon Savannah: Tales of Financial and Technology Start-ups in Kenya, Founder’s PainPoints, Inside the Investor’s Mind, and live-on-stage interviews with international Finnovators and African FinTech pioneers.

Speaking at the announcement of the launch of Finnovation Kenya 2018, David McLean, President of Ethico Live, said that, “FinTech holds a particularly powerful promise for Africa especially as an enabler of key strategic priorities, such as financial inclusion and deepening. The impact of new disruptive financial technologies is well placed to be genuinely socially useful, meaningfully improving how ordinary people engage with financial services and therefore deliver broader-based positive economic outcomes across the continent. FinTech also sets the bar higher for incumbent banks in terms of their own innovation agendas as the leading banks internationally and in Africa seek to make digital profitable and explore collaboration opportunities with FinTech trail-blazers. We are very excited to be bringing Finnovation to the well-established and high-growth Kenyan market and look forward to progressing discussions on the digital transformation of financial services in Africa.”


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