Tuesday 27, March 2018 by Jessica Combes

Arab Women Forum launches in Saudi Arabia


For the first time the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host the Arab Women Forum which is set to return to the country for the second time from 10 - 11 April at King Abdullah Economic City.

The new forum aims to enhance and support the growing contribution of Arab women to the region’s economy and society and will serve as an elite gathering of top female executives, decision-makers, professionals and experts on women empowerment and business leadership.

“By launching the ‘Arab Women Forum,’ we aim to create a platform for open and candid discussions on the evolving role of women in the business world, the societal attitudes towards their inclusion and success and their challenges and opportunities at work, in society and in politics. With the proportion of women in C-level positions still far from where it should be, the ultimate goal of the forum is to identify ways to improve parity and help women claim the senior positions that they deserve,” said Julien Hawari, Co-CEO of Mediaquest.

The forum will feature a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions focusing on business topics including The Economic Revolution, which will discuss the economic benefits of heightening the inclusion of women in business; Boardroom, which will explore what can be done to optimise the number of women in management circles; and Entrepreneurs, which aims to empower women to kick-start their own businesses. Other business topics will include Tech Discrimination, a look at gender discrimination in the tech industry and how women can be better included in regional tech projects and The Community-Based New Economy, where participants will consider what technologies can be used to boost the involvement of women in society and business. Dr. Lama Al Sulaiman, Vice Chair and Board Member of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce is also expected to take part.

The forum will also explore the societal challenges that women face in business, with sessions dedicated to Arab Women’s Image, Transforming Laws, Achieving Quality, Political Representation and The Broken Transition: From University to Corporate. Attendees will also hear from businesswomen who have achieved a successful work-life balance in a session dedicated to Balance, as well as breakthrough business moments in a session called The Turning Point.



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