Sunday 01, April 2018 by Jessica Combes

Abu Dhabi attracts AED 95 billion foreign direct investment


Abu Dhabi Investment Office of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi will be participating in the events of the 2018 Annual Investment Meeting (AIM), at the Dubai World Trade Center between 9 to 11 April.

HE Khalifa Bin Salem Al Mansouri, Undersecretary of the DED, said that the participation of Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) is part of its duties and responsibilities that aim to attract more direct foreign investments to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, particularly in the non-oil sectors.

He pointed out also that the scale of direct foreign investment flow in Abu Dhabi has exceeded AED 95 billion AED in 2016 as per the Statistics Center of Abu Dhabi (SCAD). Abu Dhabi Investment Office will be working on increasing this value over the next years by providing more opportunities and incentives to attract direct foreign investments to the Emirate.

Moreover, Al Mansouri explained that AIM serves as a proper platform for Abu Dhabi Investment Office to promote investment projects that define Abu Dhabi, particularly in the non-oil sectors which the Abu Dhabi Government is keen on implementing. Among these projects are the infrastructure, manufacturing, small and medium-sized enterprises, technology and innovation and other projects. The Office seeks to provide high quality product to potential investors which reflects the Emirate’s ambition to become the world’s leading investment destination.

Regarding the investment environment in Abu Dhabi, Al Mansouri added that ADIO provides the investors with information through its platform, in addition to data on all the targeted economic sectors and future projects in the Emirate. Additionally, it studies the investors’ needs and determines the required investment which it links to the projects implemented by the governmental and semi-governmental bodies and companies as well as the private sector which helps reinforce the relationship with the potential foreign investor.

Through its platform and the accompanying presentation, Abu Dhabi Investment Office offers its services to potential investors and introduces the targeted sectors and investment projects, in addition to the facilitations and incentives that Abu Dhabi Government provides in order to attract more direct foreign investments to Abu Dhabi.

It is expected that this year’s AIM will attract approximately 20,000 investors and visitors from the different advanced and emerging markets under the title “Partnerships for Overall Growth and Sustainable Development”.

AIM represents an opportunity to help strengthen the state’s role as a distinguished investment destination. The 2018 editioin of the annual Doing Business report issued by the World Bank showed that the UAE has achieved a substantial leap when it was ranked 21 out of 190 countries, compared to last year’s rank of 26.

Moreover, as per the International Investment Report 2017 which was published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the UAE was ranked 11th as the biggest receiver of direct foreign investment in Asia which the majority of investors coming from the United Kingdom, the United States and India.



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