Monday 09, April 2018 by Jessica Combes

Omani bank pioneers marketing via VR


Alizz Islamic Bank has started utilising virtual reality and gamification to market the brand and its products in an effort to reinforce its position as the most innovative and dynamic bank in the Sultanate.

Adopting virtual reality (VR) technology as a marketing tool for the bank is another achievement to add to the world of firsts from the bank—following its launch of interactive teller machines (ITMs), a Shari’ah-compliant prize savings account, and a Shari’ah-compliant credit card. Alizz Islamic Bank was also the first Islamic bank in
Oman to launch a mobile banking application.

“Alizz Islamic Bank is proud to be at the forefront of digital tool adoption. As people rely more and more on digital technology to absorb information and communicate, it is crucial that we as an organisation embrace digital strategies in marketing. Virtual Reality activations enable us to engage with customers more efficiently and with greater precision. Using VR to promote the plethora of Alizz Islamic Bank shari’a compliant products such as the Bushra Prize Savings account and credit cards empowers the customer to learn about the product features in a fun yet informative manner,” said Murtadha Al Lawati, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications.

Al Lawati added that the idea behind a digital transformation shouldn’t end at the product level because communication methods are also changing, with people engaging companies more through non-traditional, more immediate digital channels. “It is no secret that virtual reality is the future for all industries and for us as early adopters, the best way to promote services and quickly interact with customers is through the most convenient outlet and it’s highly likely that it is via VR.”

span style="font-size: small;">By integrating Virtual Reality into the banks existing campaigns or creating new ones that capitalise on the spirit of the Omani community, Alizz Islamic Bank has successfully raised the profile of its brand and the marketing techniques using VR have delivered phenomenal results.



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