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Development Bank of Nigeria sees credit surge as banks sign up for loans


Development Bank of Nigeria signed up 15 banks this year, adding to the seven that joined in 2017.


span>Nigerian state-owned lender, Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN), is set up to improve access to credit in Africa’s largest economy and expects loans to small businesses to surge after the number of banks signing up to disburse the facilities more than doubled. 

Tony Okpanachi, CEO of DBN, said that the state-owned bank, targeting as much as NGN 60 billion ($166 million) of loans this year, expects lending to small- and medium-sized companies to reach hundreds of billions of naira in the coming years.

Established two years ago, DBN seeks to plug a gap left by banks that are investing in Nigerian government Treasury bills that offer yields in excess of 14 per cent and are considered less risky than providing credit to companies. DBN has granted loans to about 10,000 small businesses this year, or half its target, Okpanachi said.

“We are going to see more up-tick from this July” as the newly signed-up lenders “bring their pipeline to us,” he said.

DBN plans to set up a subsidiary that will provide partial credit guarantees to lenders and expects the unit, which will have $35 million of start-up funding, to become operational in a year. Funding for the new unit, which will provide 50 per cent guarantees for all credit disbursed through DBN, will be increased as it takes on more portfolios.

Less than five per cent of Nigeria’s more than 37 million small- and mid-sized companies are able to access bank credit. Providing credit guarantees may help curb the apathy that commercial banks have when it comes to lending to SMEs.

Backed by $1.3 billion of funding from the Nigerian government, the African Development Bank, World Bank and other international development-finance institutions, DBN is unlikely to require new funding for at least another three years, said Okpanachi.

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