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16 December 2019

UAE’s JIIC awards AED 80 million infrastructure works contract

The scheme will feature six investment zone villages—Marafaa Al Jubail, Nad Al Dhabi, Seef Al Jubail, Ain Al Maha, Souk Al Jubail and Bed’a Al Jubail—with freehold property available for sale under the emirate’s new freehold ownership rules enacted in April 2019.


by Kudakwashe Muzoriwa

Abu Dhabi’s Jubail Island Investment Company (JIIC) has awarded an AED 80 million infrastructure works contract for Jubail Island to Gulf Contractors Company (GCC), according to local newswire, WAM.

JIIC said that works on the 18-month-long first infrastructure package have commenced on two of the six villages that are part of the AED 5 billion project.

The GCC contract scope comprises the construction of a three-kilometer public loop road circling around Souk Al Jubail to provide road connectivity and access to the neighbouring villages as well as the construction of five kilometres of internal roads in Marfaa Al Jubail.

Additionally, the contract also covers utility infrastructure development such as electricity, water as well as sewage, irrigation, telecom and gas networks.

Mounir Haidar, the Managing Director of JIIC, said, “Due to our industry experience, coupled with the highest quality and construction standards, Jubail Island is well on track to emerge as the most desirable community in Abu Dhabi and will present an attractive investment opportunity for those with a keen eye for a quality portfolio.”

The Jubail Island development is set to significantly enhance the island’s natural ecosystem by planting 25,000 new mangrove trees, as well as adding an extensive canal network, several lagoons and other new marine habitats that will provide an ideal home to multiple animal species.

The development will also boast generous outdoor areas, and include parks, walking tracks, kayaking stations and cycling routes for nature lovers and water sports fans.

Around AED 120 million in contracts for infrastructure work on the island have been awarded so far, with the total work expected to cost up to AED 600 million.


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