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04 February 2020

UAE discovers 80 trillion cubic feet natural gas reserves in Jebel Ali

The new discovery reinforces the nation’s goal of achieving gas self-sufficiency, enabling major development projects in preparation for the next fifty years of the union

Last month, Sharjah also discovered gas and condensate, with flow rates of 50 million cubic feet per day/Bloomberg

by Kudakwashe Muzoriwa

The UAE has discovered 80 trillion cubic feet of shallow gas reserves between Saih Al Sidirah and Jebel Ali in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai respectively.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) will jointly develop the reservoir in a project named Jebel Ali’ with distributor the Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP).

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Director General of DUSUP, said, “This collaboration will contribute to raising our long-term energy security, which is crucial to realising our aspirations in a new economic era of growth to be a leader in shaping the future of the region and the world, as well as enhancing the happiness and welfare of our people.

In a joint statement, ADNOC and DUSUP, said that around 10 exploration and appraisal wells were drilled by the Abu Dhabi-state owned energy giant in its debut exploration in Dubai over 5,000 km.

Under the agreement, ADNOC will deploy capital, technology and expertise to develop and produce shallow gas resources. The energy giant will also conduct further exploration to assess further volumes and firm up development costs.

Similarly, DUSUP will supply the gas produced by ADNOC to support Dubai’s economic growth ambitions and enhance its energy security.

The reservoir is referred to as ‘shallow gas’ because it contains high-quality organic gas at relatively shallow depths from the earth’s surface.

ADNOC also plans to tap gas from its gas caps and substantial unconventional gas reserves, as well as new natural gas accumulations as part of the company’s 2030 strategy.

In November 2019, ADNOC announced the discovery of additional reserves of seven billion stock tank barrels of oil, 58 trillion of conventional gas and 160 trillion of unconventional gas, moving the UAE from seventh to the sixth position in both global oil and gas reserves rankings.

ADNOC will use both conventional and unconventional drilling and completion technologies and methods to extract gas, including horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing to enable optimal productivity. The process will reduce the number of drilling rigs required extract the gas.

Last month, Sharjah also discovered gas and condensate, with flow rates of 50 million cubic feet per day.







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