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17 December 2019

Walton launches US homebuilder fund to support rising demand

The fund will acquire properties identified by US homebuilders for near term residential development projects through a predetermined exit strategy.


by Kudakwashe Muzoriwa

Walton Global Holdings, a real estate investment and land asset company with $3.8 billion assets under management and administration, has launched its first Builder Option Land Development Fund (BOLD Fund) aimed at buying land for future sale to homebuilders throughout the US.

Bill Doherty, the CEO  of Walton Global Holdings, said, “Our new BOLD Fund provides homebuilders with a land acquisition opportunity to work alongside an international real estate investment and asset management company for securing a land pipeline with a minor upfront capital contribution impact, during what we see as the biggest housing demand in recent history.”

Walton stated that the fund offers investors the opportunity to participate in the current growth of the home building market in the US.

The land acquired by the fund is expected to be sold to those same builders in phases with an adjustable takedown schedule and flexible payment options.

The evolution of Walton over the past 40 years has opened the door to offering new products, such as the BOLD Fund, creating new opportunities for investors and homebuilders. 



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