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09 February 2020

Walton offers investors an opportunity to diversify portfolios

Real estate investment is attracting investors seeking long-term investment opportunities and those searching for alternative means to diversify their investment portfolios

Walton international recently acquired Lee Farms, a 245-acre property in Loveland, Colorado/iStock

by Kudakwashe Muzoriwa

Walton International Group, the US-based real estate investment and land asset management company, offers global investors a distinct opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios with land investments, through the firm’s pre-development land and builder option land developments (BOLD).

Land investments share similar attributes with traditional real estate investments, are often considered a good inflation hedge and can provide investors with an innovative and risk-averse option to appreciate capital in the long run.

Global investor confidence in North America remains high due to the robust economic fundamentals supporting stable and strong investment returns, with the US economy expanding by 2.3 per cent in 2019.

Economic stability, low mortgage rates, projected overall population growth and millennials reaching the peak years for family formation are driving demand for land absorption and development in the US.

Despite its involvement in global trade tensions, the US economy maintains a stable outlook. Walton Group currently owns, manages, and administers more than 106,000 acres of land in key growth markets in North America, 80 per cent in the US and 20 per cent in Canada, on behalf of more than 92,000 investors worldwide.

Recently, Walton Group acquired Lee Farms, a 245-acre property in Loveland, Colorado. The pre-developed land is slated for a single-family residential master-planned community of approximately 900 units, offering a variety of sizes and types of homesites.


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